HelioCare XF Gel SPF 50


Key Ingredients include Fernblock, a natural plant extract from Central America with proven photoprotective properties together with technologically advanced filters that provide broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection. There is an optimal balance between mineral and non-mineral filters to ensure maximum tolerability and cosmetic compliance. Sunsphere Technology increases the effectiveness of the filters, permitting reduced quantities of filters and thus lowering the potential risk of sensitisation and allergies and improving cosmetic characteristics. Non-comedogenic. Paraben-free. No residue on the skin.

Dr Webster’s Recommendations: As a Dermatologist, sunscreen is my top product recommendation to protect against photo-ageing and skin cancer. This innovative sunscreen is part of the basic Heliocare sunscreen range and offers photo-immunoprotection against UVB/UVA radiation while enhancing skin immunity. The natural antioxidants help to protect the skin from free radical activity. This is a good sunscreen for younger skins to prevent photo-ageing and the formation of skin cancer but if you have more advanced photo-ageing or pigmentation, then I would recommend the Heliocare 360 Gel Oil-Free which has superior antioxidant benefits.